Vegan Baking Made Easy

Baking vegan is pretty simple with a few swaps. Ingredients that recipes may call for that aren’t vegan are usually just milk and eggs, which can be replaced in a variety of ways. Any plant-based milk will work for baking, whether you prefer soy, coconut, almond, or any other variety. For eggs, you can use egg replacer, or you can use something you already have at home. 1/4 cup of applesauce is one of my favorite methods of replacing an egg while baking. Recipes that call for more than one egg will need an additional 1/4 cup per egg needed. Most people go for the plain unsweetened applesauce, but sometimes I will even use a flavored applesauce like strawberry. It makes cakes super soft and it tastes amazing.

Another really good way to replace an egg is with a banana. This is especially good in cake. I also really like to use aquafaba as an egg replacer. I have tons of it anyway from eating chickpeas, so why not use it? It makes incredible French toast.

To make baking even easier, many premade mixes are accidentally vegan as long as you replace the milk/eggs that it calls for. Cakes, cookies, brownies, and muffins can be made so easily and with minimal effort. I get cheap packages of muffin mix that only require me to use 1/2 cup of non-dairy milk and within a few minutes of preparation and 12 minutes of baking I’m eating blueberry muffins! When you’re using a cake mix, you can go as far as to mix it with a can of soda and it will bake just as well. This is extremely cheap and helpful if you don’t have anything to replace eggs with at home. Many cheap containers of icing are also accidentally vegan and have a variety of flavors. There is also a pretty good variety of flavors as far as the baking mixes so its fun to get creative and make new things without having to purchase a long list of groceries.