Is A Vegan Diet Suitable For Pregnant Women?

Despite what your passionate meat-eating Uncle Mike says, any nutrients that you may need to thrive can be received from a vegan diet. This doesn’t change once you start eating for two.

In the first trimester, it is not necessary to boost your caloric intake just yet. However, paying attention to what is in your food and trying to eat things that are nutrient-dense are very important. Out of your intake, 50% should be carbohydrates. 30% of your intake should be fat, and 20% of it should be protein. Yes, protein. That thing that everyone harps on you about. Ignore comments like these, as most people understand now that meat is not the only reliable source of protein. You don’t have to constantly explain yourself to people who have concerns that are not real concerns. Currently, in my 7th week of pregnancy, my protein goal is 103 grams per day. I reach my goal with ease.

During the second trimester is when you should bump up the calories. Remember that your baby is small, so it doesn’t have to be excessive. Adding an extra 350 calories to your daily intake is just the right amount. You should still be sure you’re getting essential nutrients, as you should throughout your entire pregnancy.

During the third trimester, you’re going to want to add about 500 calories to your daily intake. With how much this baby is making me want to eat, it’ll be a piece of cake.

One thing that you should remind yourself is that all pregnant women need the same nutrients, but nobody has to eat specific things. If you’re getting protein, you’re getting protein, whether you got it from beans or from beef. I find it very easy to get everything baby and I need from plants. Even on days that I’m slacking, my prenatal vitamin provides me with really important nutrients that I need in order for the baby to develop properly. Many prenatals contain gelatin, but there are also many that don’t. I use Rainbow Light Prenatal Vitamins. They can be found on Amazon or at Target for $16. Vegan or not, it is extremely important for pregnant women to take a prenatal vitamin.