Small Town Vegan-How to Do It and Survive

Small town girl or boy? No problem! Maybe, you started your vegan diet and lifestyle while you were at college or living in a bigger city. But now, you have decided to move to a smaller town to settle down or be closer to family. Or, you’ve always been a small-town person and now want to try out the vegan life. What about your vegan lifestyle? You might not be close to a Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or local supermarket. Perhaps, your small town doesn’t have many vegan-friendly restaurants. No fear! I’ve talked to a number of people and researched different ways for you to sustain yourself as a small town vegan!

Dining Out in a Small Town

Call Ahead

Call ahead when you’re going out for a dinner with friends or family. Just ask anyone how easy it is to make a dish vegan-friendly at your local restaurant. An easy fix would be a veggie pizza without any cheese or a small plate of pasta with tomato sauce on the side. Some chefs may be up for a challenge and may want to cook up a tasty vegan dish for you. It may take some convincing, but asking nicely and giving them ample time usually works.

Bringing Your Own Food

Before you skip over this option. Really think about it. Would you rather not eat at a family or friend’s dinner? Or, politely push a plate away even though someone worked very hard to make it? If you’re craving pizza, but don’t want a cheese-less one, ask if you can bring your own cheese with you. Some restaurants might be more willing to make a vegan cheese pizza if you bring your own. Be sure to call ahead of time and ask if it’s ok before walking into your local pizza parlor!

Fast Food (Vegan) Fan Food

This tip might work for mid-size towns that may have one or two fast food joints. Places such as Subway, Jimmy Johns, or even Taco Bell have vegan options readily available to you. Vegan Xpress and VegFast are great smartphone apps that list all the vegan-friendly fast food restaurants and chain restaurants in the area.

Small Town Grocery Shopping

Talk to the Grocer

Nothing is better than having a discussion with your local grocer! It’s more effective and personal than an email full of demands. You can express your need for vegan options and come up with solutions. The store might be able to stock a section for you or even special order it.

Online Order

Imagine being in a small town with little to no connections to the vegan world. That what it may have been like in the early 2000s. But the internet makes it all easier for you! You can easily buy and order your vegan food online. Best bet is to stock up on your vegan food to avoid frequent shipping charges. Also, sign up for newsletters to different vegan sites, you might be offered various coupon codes. Vegan Essentials and FoodFghtGrocery are great sites to get started with. Enjoy the small town life with a vegan lifestyle!