Keto Diet and Veganism: It’s Not as Hard as You Think

The Keto Diet is known for being a low-carb diet, high fat, where it forces the body to produce ketones in the liver that is later used as energy. The goal of the Keto Diet is to put your body into a metabolic state.

This diet many benefits such as weight loss, controlled blood sugar, increased mental focus, and increased energy.

For a quick run-down of the diet, you’ll primarily eat:

  • Protein
  • Leafy greens
  • Above the ground vegetables
  • High Fat Diary
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Avocado and Berries
  • Sweeteners
  • Other fats

If you’ve read anything else about the diet, you notice that part of the diet involves eating dairy products that are high in fats.

Don’t let this deter you from trying the Keto diet! This diet is manageable for vegans just as the people who aren’t vegans.

Here are a few tips to help you start your Keto Diet as a vegan

Replacing Keto Diet Foods with Vegan Keto Diet Foods

It’s already hard to limit carbs on a regular Keto diet let alone a vegan Keto diet.

It’s not as hard as it seems! There are plenty of options out there.

Below is the list that is similar to the one listed above; however, this one includes only vegan options.

Vegan Keto Diet Foods

  • Meats- tofu, tempeh, seitan, and other types of alternative meats you eat. Make sure they’re low in carbs and high in fat
  • Mushrooms- shiitake, lion’s mane, etc
  • Leafy greens- kale, spinach
  • Above the ground vegetables- broccoli, asparagus, cucumber, etc.
  • High Fat “dairy”- vegan cheese alternatives, coconut-based creams, milk, and yogurts.
  • Nuts and Seeds- almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and pistachios
  • Avocado and berries- raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, etc.
  • Ferment foods- sauerkraut, natto, kim chi, etc.
  • Sea vegetables- kelp, seaweed
  • Sweeteners- stevia, monk fruit, etc.
  • Other fats- coconut oil, olive oil, MCT oil etc.

If you eat the food listed here, you’ll be able to follow the Keto Diet and also honor your commitment to being a vegan. Of course, all the foods will give you the nutrients you need on a daily basis.

Don’t lose your determination if it’s hard to adapt the diet in the beginning. Remember, you were able to find vegan alternatives when you weren’t on the Keto Diet; it just took some research on your end.

You’ll have to apply that same mentality to this new lifestyle you’re trying out.

Finding Protein on the Keto Diet as a Vegan

Although finding the proper vegan alternatives for other food groups is important, I want to focus on finding protein.


It’s the hardest component of the Keto Diet to accomplish while also being a vegan. When the Keto Diet and Vegan diet are combined you take out nearly all the plant-based proteins such as lentils and beans.

What are you supposed to do now?

You still don’t have to worry, there are plenty of alternatives for you

  • Tofu
    Tofu is made of soybeans which makes it high in protein and also calcium. This means your protein needs are met and your bones get calcium.
  • Tempeh
    Tempeh is also made of soybeans, which also makes it high in protein and calcium. Tempeh is firmer than tofu so you don’t have to press it like you would when preparing tofu.
  • Seitan
    Seitan is made from wheat gluten, soy or tamari sauce, ginger, garlic, and seaweed. This vegan alternative is optimal for the Keto Diet since it is high in protein and low in fat.

Main Takeaway

Maintaining the Keto Diet as a vegan is not as hard as you think, especially after reading this post. There are more than enough options for you to choose from where it will satisfy the Keto Diet and vegan guidelines and ensure you’ll get enough nutrients each day.

Remember, getting enough fats in the diet isn’t the main concern. It’s the protein intake and ensuring you get enough of it each day. This is also why I dedicated a whole section to it.

For a more comprehensive and complete guide, visit Ruledme or Vegan at Heart. They can give you even more insight and confirm what you learned here.

Let us know in the comments how the Keto Diet as a Vegan is like and if you can offer more advice to our readers!