Dating as a Vegan-Tips and Tricks to Make It Easy

Dating or finding someone to date can be hard, especially as a vegan.

The question is: Should I date only vegans or go try omnivores?

Honestly, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just dating vegans. There will always be something you can’t stand about any person you date.

Having said that, the next question you ask: Can I date a non-vegan?

Yes, you can!

It’s totally manageable and you should be able to honor your moral compass.

Additionally, if you really like this person, you should be able to look past the dietary differences.

Dating and relationships can be a wonderful and exciting experience even with that difference.

Keep in mind, dating a non-vegan is not a walk in the park, but is possible with effort and compromise on both parties.

Follow these dating tips:


I’m guessing as a vegan, you’re quite used to this situation with your friends. You and your friends decide to go out and your options are limited.

There is nothing worse than watching your date or friends eat delicious dishes while you order a side dish.

If you’re on a first date and he picks the place, call ahead. Ask if they have vegan options or if the kitchen can accommodate vegans.

Of course, if the restaurant has an online menu, you can look up dishes you can order.

Once you’re steadily dating someone, you two can have a set of go-to restaurants and cafes for your date nights.

Decide Where To Store Your Food

Each couple has their own guidelines when it comes to storing food.

Have an open discussion about how to store your food and his food once you starting living together.

If it’s an issue if he stores his steak next to your tofu, let him know nicely. Create a space in the refrigerator and pantry for your separate items and one for your shared ones.

If the above advice still doesn’t work for you, then you might as well get your own mini fridge. However, I think that it won’t be necessary and you must learn to compromise.

Grocery Shopping

Again, this is something that varies from couple to couple and there should be an open discussion about it.

If you have an issue about buying meat and handling it, talk to your partner.

It does make more sense to make one trip to the grocery store rather than multiple. You also get a second set of hands to help carry the groceries if you make one trip.

If you’re uncomfortable handling meat and meat products, be very upfront about them so there isn’t a surprise on your first grocery shopping trip as couple!

Raising a Family

If you get to the point, where you and your partner want to raise a family, you’ll need to have another discussion.

What do about your children.

When you were first dating, it was became easier to coordinate two people’s diets. However, now the discussion is how to raise your kids.

Should your kids be raised on a vegan diet or not?

This will depend on a lot of factors and best to have an open discussion. Let your spouse or partner why you want to raise your kids on a future diet. Actually listen to what your partner has to say if it’s the opposite.

Are You Ready to Date as a Vegan?


After reading this small but helpful tips, it should be smooth sailing!
Of course, there are other things you can do to make dating easier.

These are just the starting points!

Have more to add or have a suggestion for a topic?

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