The 5 Vegan Girl Scout Cookies

This year, you don’t have to say no to girl scout cookies. They have a handful of vegan options to choose from! Now you can support young girls learning entrepreneurship skills, show the demand for vegan options, and eat a box of cookies at the same time. The program is meant to teach young girls important life skills and necessary skills for owning a business.

Thin Mints are actually vegan! They were always one of my favorites growing up so I was really pleased to find out that they didn’t contain any animal products. They are one of the most popular girl scout cookies.

They also have a dairy-free cookie called “Thanks-A-Lot”, which is what we’re all saying for having a variety of vegan cookie options. They are shortbread cookies with fudge on the bottom. The cookies say “thank you” in a variety of languages on them.

Although the S’mores sandwich cookies contain dairy, the regular S’mores cookies are vegan. It is a graham cookie dipped in icing and chocolate.

Peanut Butter Patties and Lemonades are both vegan as well! Lemonades are lemon cookies topped with icing. Peanut butter patties look similar to tag-a-longs, which contain dairy, but the patties do not.

Girl Scouts often set up in public places to sell the cookies, and now they even take online orders if you know a girl scout. They only sell them once a year so stock up while you have the chance!