Meat Sections In Grocery Stores Looking Greener

A few years ago, there would be no reason for a vegan to browse the meat aisle. Today, they might just be able to find something. Plant based meats have rapidly grown in popularity, appearing in restaurants left and right, and now starting to hit shelves. It started with frozen Morningstar products, and then Gardein began to appear in stores. Other brands like Tofurkey were starting to accumulate in the frozen section and sometimes the produce. Once Beyond and Impossible Foods started becoming more available, it grew from there.

Now, when you walk through a Kroger, you can find an area labeled “plant-based” in the meat aisle. It is full of different plant based meat grounds, burgers, sausages, meatballs, and deli slices. More brands of plant-based meat are coming out, so there is a good variety of vegan meat options.

This is a huge win for veganism. Having a plant-based meat section will lead to more curious buyers, more conscious customers, and more people wanting to try out vegan food. It makes veganism a lot more accessible and easy when there is an entire section of plant-based meats at a reasonable price.