How To Find A Vegan Job

There are a lot of places out there that are vegan-friendly, and there are a lot of places that aren’t. When you have a job, you spend a lot of time in that environment and it is beneficial to your mental health to be in a work space that you are satisfied with. As an ethical vegan, it may be hard to love your job if a big part of it includes handling animal products. If having a work environment that is free of animal products is important to you, there are options out there.

One of the most obvious options would be working for a vegan restaurant or food store. You could pick up a part time job at a local health store and maybe even get added benefits such as discounts. If there is a vegan restaurant near you, it wouldn’t hurt to put in an application. Even if they aren’t currently hiring, they can keep your resume for consideration in the future. Some restaurants even give you a free meal on evenings that you work. This may not mean much at your local fast food place that doesn’t have many options, but with a vegan restaurant this could save you money on food as well as give you the opportunity to try a lot of new things.

Another option if you are a big animal lover is to work with animals. This could mean working for a shelter, a sanctuary, or even a local doggy daycare. There are also many animal rights organizations that do hiring, such as PETA.

If you are a creative, you can focus your art anywhere you want. If you are a musician, an artist, photographer, writer, film maker, or any kind of creative, you can find your passion in animal liberation and use that to make some pretty amazing things. You could open your own small business if you make vegan friendly products.

The key to being successful is finding your passion and making it work for you. Finding a job that is centered around something that is very important to you will make for a happier work experience.